Don’t purchase the mediocre meat you find in the grocery store. Visit Amaral's Market for fresh cuts of beef, chicken and pork. We’re dedicated to offering tasty meat at budget-friendly prices.

We’ve been providing gourmet products to residents of New Bedford, MA for more than four decades. If you’ve been searching for specialty ham, chicken, beef or pork, look no further than Amaral’s Market.

Visit our food shop as soon as possible for gourmet meat. You can also call 508-996-1222 with any questions.

Get the right cut for your meal

Our case features a variety of different types of meat, including:


Prime rib

Chicken breast


Pig feet and snout

Chicken gizzards

We have an on-site butcher who can provide you with any cut of meat. Buy the exact cut you need for your dish. Stop by Amaral's Market today to shop for fresh cuts of beef, chicken and pork.