Regina Umbrella

Regina Chocolate Umbrella


Regina makes the popular Milk Chocolate Umbrellas. Wildly popular among children, Regina offers its unmistakable chocolate taste in a fun shape, that people of all ages enjoy!

Product Description

The Regina Brand is undoubtedly the most popular and recognized chocolate brand in Portugal

Founded in 1928, on the street of Sá de Miranda, in Alcantara, where they began the journey in the vast and innovative world of yummy chocolates.
Regina was for several decades the dominant brand in the Portuguese chocolate market.

It is characterized by a strong presence in key market segments. Everyone remembers the bar of milk chocolate with almond pieces, the umbrellas, pencils, tablets of flavored fruit, and the full range of chocolates label.

Additional Information

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 2.50 x .50 x 3.75 in


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